Tuesday night, no one matched all six Mega Millions numbers and won the $100,000 top prize, ballooning the jackpot to $1.02 billion. 

New estimates for the jackpot put it at the fourth largest jackpot in the nation.

There have been no matches between the six selected numbers since April 15 which has resulted in such a large jackpot.  

A big winner hasn't been drawn for 29 consecutive drawings. There were seven matching numbers on Tuesday, including 07-29-60-63-66, and one MegaBall. 

Winners who select the annuity option will receive $1.02 billion in annual payments over a 30-year period 

On Friday night, an estimated $602.5 million will be awarded to the next winner of the cash option 

Among the 302.5 million possible winners, 1 is the most likely. 

Aside from 45 states, Mega Millions can be played in Washington, D.C., and the Virgin Islands. State lotteries coordinate the game.